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Posting or suggesting a service

Hosting an event relevant to the autism community? List yours for free right here. Please note that all events are screened prior to publication to the community. Please be as complete as possible in your event submissions – being as clear and complete as possible will help others who may be interested in participating. Also note that we make no representations or warranties as to the nature of these events or listings.


Want to find out what chats are scheduled to take place and what they’re about? Or maybe you want to schedule and host your own chat! Just set your local time (towards the right part of the chat schedule page) so that all the chat times appear in your local time zone. The rooms for each chat correspond to rooms within the chat application (in some cases the “host” will be creating his or her room at the time of the chat).

If you wish to host your own chat, just click on the “Schedule a Chat” button and fill in the details. An email will be sent to you to confirm your request and thereafter will be put in the schedule.

If you just want to leap right in, click “Chat Now” and enjoy!

Tone and general protocol

Autism Support Network is a place for support, information exchange and mutual guidance. While we appreciate healthy debate as part of this process, hateful exchanges, profanity, threatening language will not be tolerated and such members may be blocked from the community at the sole discretion of the community moderators. We are also not a “dating site” – so please, keep your messages and chats clean, or risk having yourself blocked.

Help for Joining the Support Community

Joining the Autism Support Network support community is simple and free and allows you to connect with thousands of other people both seeking and seeking to provide information. It is a place to build support with those who know what you’re going through. Below are some tips to help you navigate through the online community.
If you’re not yet a member, click here to join for free!

1. Signing up – takes only a couple of minutes.

You can choose to supply as much or as little information as you wish. Please note, when you create your “screen name” – how others will see you in the community – you do not need to use your actual name. Feel free to create a unique screen name, if you wish more anonymity. You can always change your screen name if you wish (see tip #11)

2. Update your profile

Click the Update My Profile link and describe a few things about yourself. You can provide as much or as little information as you wish.

3. Update your interests

Click the Update My Interests link and specify the attributes of those individuals with whom you would most like to meet.

4. Match with others

After you complete the first two steps, this system will automatically build a list of individuals whom most closely match your interests. At this point, use the People Map to browse your network and request introductions, schedule meetings, and share ideas with others.

5. Finding your messages

When you log in, click on the link on the left (toward the top) "My Messages and Matches". At the top you'll see some recommended members to interact with. Around the middle of that page where is reads "My Messages" are messages that others have sent directly to you.

6. Reading what others are writing "today"

Towards the top, click on the link "Latest Posts and Members" that will show you the latest public discussions. You can click on that member's name - which will take you to that member's profile and allow you to communicate 1-to-1 or click on the name/title of the discussion that will take you to that discussion thread so you can read the whole discussion. Note that 1-to-1 messages are private, and just between you and that other member.

7. Commenting on an existing discussion

If you've clicked on an existing discussion thread, at the bottom of that discussion you'll find a place for you to add your comments and click "Reply" that will publish your response and broadcast it to everyone who is subscribed to that group.

8. How to “subscribe” to a group

Click on the link "View all groups" and click on a group or groups that interest you. There's a button "Subscribe to this group." When you click on that you will receive email notifications whenever someone writes a post or responds to a post in that group. The body of that response will appear in the email that goes to you, so you need not necessarily log in to read a response.

If you wish to stop receiving email notifications, you can click on the "notifications preferences" link towards the bottom of the left side of the page and find the group you've subscribed to and click on "stop email."

9. How to write a new post/topic in a group.

a) Go to "View all groups" and click into that group.
b) Under the description of that group is a button "Start a discussion," click on that.
c) Type in a title for your discussion and a comment as to what you're looking for/want to discussion.
d) Click "Create topic" - that's it! Now everyone subscribed to that group will get emailed about your topic and invited to respond.

10. Uploading Images/Files

Click on the link “Update My Portfolio.” This will let you upload images, files, etc that others will be able to see and access too.

11. Changing your screen name or updating your email address.

Simple! Just click on the links under “Personal Info” towards the bottom left of the page. Here you can update your screen name, personal info and notification preferences for receiving email alerts.

Our Support Community

Join our free support community and connect with thousands of other families and individuals touched by ASD. Find out what’s working for others, coping strategies, and life guides from others living what you’re going through now. Click here to join for free!