Bedroom visits

Sarah Stup

Places old bring me peace,
Autism can rest in their presence.
Places free from voices battling
Places free from faces dancing
Places free from painful people.
Places with patterns
that fold but never dip.
Places with repeats
that build but never skip.
Counting only heartbeats,
not minutes lost;
Measuring only thoughts,
not noting actions;
Listening to my soul,
not my broken voice.

Places often visited
can be trusted.
My bedroom knows my autism well,
It never reacts or is scared of me.

People expect,
wanting me to be a fake normal;
But my bedroom knows not to corner me
Into a waiting world.
In my room time synchronizes itself,
Never tiring of waiting
till mind and body connect.

With sun or moonlit windows
it watches my autism come out
to pace and obsess
and cover me with its shield
of protection ...
From people.

From your weary world where pain consumes
Panicked autism finds peace in my bedroom.

Courtesy of Sarah Stup

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