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Autism in small-town America

Ann Griswold

Morning circle is off to a rough start at LilyPad Learning Center. On a bright Monday in September, in the large preschool classroom in Madrid, Iowa, 15 children sit cross-legged, patiently waiting their turn to report whether they watched football or read books over the weekend. A wiry 4-year-old named Izzy Green dashes across the room, her long black hair trailing behind her, and runs between two of the seated children. She bursts into the center of the circle, plops herself onto the floor and curls in ..

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2018 College Planning and Transition Conference
Valley Glenn, CA - United States
Sep-29-2018 - 09:00 am
What: 2018 College Planning and Transition Conference When: Saturday, September 29 Time: 9am – 5pm Where: Los Angeles Valley College Cost: Free Description: In ..
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