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Explaining "loss" to Dominic

Cathy Blatnik

I first started writing this blog back in July 2011, because the first six months of 2011 were incredibly challenging (lots of personal losses). I needed a way to get out all of the emotions I had been holding in. My husband calls me the "glue that holds our family together." Well, that's sweet, but sometimes glue dries up and starts to "crack" a bit! I have never considered myself a writer (I have a degree in Business). Anyways, flash forward to April 28 of this year. We had just dropped off my stepso ..

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2nd Annual Adult Autism Symposium
Chattanooga, TN - United States
Jul-21-2018 - 08:00 am
A Symposium of talks for adults with ASD, their family, carers, professionals, and other interested individuals. ▪ The first autism conference east of the Mississip ..
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